The 74: Are Charter Schools a Cause of — or a Solution to — Segregation?

 Halley Potter, a fellow at The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, says that integration was part of the original concept of charter schools, as envisioned by the late American Federation of Teachers President Al Shanker. “Part of the [charter school] idea was that this would be breaking away from a neighborhood school model, enrolling students from a wider area and that could open up new opportunities for serving all different kinds of students together in the same school" . . . more

Huffington Post: Are Charter Schools the Future of Desegregation?

 It’s a Friday morning at Community Roots Charter School in Brooklyn and fifth-grade students are giving presentations on topics like civil rights movement protests and school segregation. Parents gather around small groups of kids — whose skin colors span shades of ivory and tan and brown — to ask them about their projects and the ways in which these issues are still relevant today . . . more

Chalkbeat: Detroit just created its first intentionally diverse
charter school. Here’s why it might not stay that way

 “Historically the charter school movement has focused on providing better academic alternatives for students in segregated minority communities and communities with high poverty,” said Dianne Piché, a civil rights attorney and the director of the National Coalition of Diverse Charter Schools. “So sometimes when charter schools want to open up in less poor areas, concerns are raised.” . . . more